Saturday, July 21, 2012

True Life Story: Woman Without Womb Gave Birth To Three

This is the true life story . A couple of days ago, a woman who was told by a doctor in Ojo that her womb was damaged beyond repair and she would never have children no matter what happens had thanksgiving and dedication of her miracle child . 

 The woman proclaims; ''Brothers and sisters, I'm Mrs Alice. My husband and I came from Enugu and have been married for many years without a child. Each doctor we met told us we would not have children again because my womb has been destroyed due to an error in abortion. 

Some have even asked my husband to divorce me since the mistake was caused by me. My husband and I had lived in peace but I never had rest of mind. A few years ago, I was directed by my friend to come and meet Apostle Ephraim Oparaji of Holy of Holies Intl Church of God Festac. 

 I came and the Apostle told me'', '' Where the doctors stops, where science stops, Jesus Christ takes over, if they said you have no womb, we would plead with God and His angels to grant you a new womb and have as many children as you wish, for with our God everything is possible'' Initially my husband, the lady said, ''would not believe me because he is learned.

 But when I dragged him toApostle Ephraim and we were asked to attend church etc, we heard great testimonies and now, this is my 3rd child from the prayer of this Apostle of God'' Whoa, God is a miracle working God!!!

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