Saturday, August 11, 2012

Giant Serpent Snake Killed In Egypt Red Sea ( PHOTOS )

A gigantic ancient killer serpent snake that killed over 320 tourists and 165 divers in Egypt has been killed in the Red sea.
This monster red sea snake was killed by some professional Egyptian scientists.giant+serpent+snake+red+sea+egypt+2 Giant Serpent Snake Killed In Egypt Red Sea
The giant snake being transferred to an Egyptian Morgue
To their credit the name of the scientists who helped in killing this killer creature are:
  • D. Karim Mohammed
  • d. Mohammed Sharif
  • d. Mr. Sea
  • d. Mahmoud students
  • d. Mazen Al-Rashidi
And the divers who also contributed to the success of catching this humongous creature are:
  • Ahmed leader
  • Abdullah Karim
  • fisherman Knight
  • Wael Mohammed
  • Mohammed Haridi
  • spears Alvajuma
  • Mahmoud Shafik
As at the time of this report, the giant sea snake‘s body has been transferred to an Egypt morgue for further examination.

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