Thursday, October 25, 2012

INCREDIBLE!! 6 Years Old Girl Becomes Mid-Wife, Delivers Her Mother Of A Baby

A six-year-old girl has been hailed a hero after she delivered her own sister when her mum went into labour in the bathroom – thanks to watching TV's Casualty.
Schoolgirl Francesca kept a cool head when her mum went into labour and safely delivered her baby sister

Cool-headed Francesca Goodby (Corr) calmly talked her mum Kay, 28, through the sudden birth after her waters broke in the family's bathroom.

The youngster helped her panicking mum with her breathing, encouraging her to push, fetched her clean towels and even made sure the umbilical cord was not wrapped round the baby's head.

Incredibly, Francesca leapt into action after remembering an episode of Casualty when a woman suddenly went into labour.

After 12 minutes pushing, Francesca successfully delivered 6lbs 8oz bouncing baby Roisin (Corr) on July 17 this year.

Dad Michael, 33, missed the drama because he was downstairs on the phone to the emergency services when Kay went into labour.

But when two ambulances arrived, paramedics were stunned to find little Francesca holding her newborn sister after she had carefully wrapped her in a towel.

Proud mum Kay said: "I was so impressed with Francesca.

"She was remarkably cool and collected for a six-year-old. She had gone to bed but woke up when I started screaming.

"She came in and was like 'mummy are you okay?' and said 'I can see the head'.

"She was keeping me calm and telling me where to put my hands and telling me to keep breathing.

"And as soon as she was born she got a towel and it was like she knew what to do, I didn't say anything to her.

"Francesca had her wrapped up and made sure the cord wasn't wrapped around her neck.

"My husband was downstairs on the phone for 12 minutes and a few minutes after she was born two ambulances turned up.

"They were shocked that Francesca was holding her in towels.

"I used to watch One Born Every Minute but I never watched that with Francesca.

"But she watches Casualty and that's the only thing that I can think of. I was really surprised that she knew what to do and was so calm.

"We watched Casualty last week where a lady gave birth with no help and she was like 'that's your story mummy'."

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